2 Ways to Contribute

One of the Thng


Adopt a Thing

The best way to participate in the Thngverse is by adopting a thing. Adoption gets you a rare NFT showcasing a portrait of a unique thing.

Things will also have unlockable content, including the thing's name and their story. From there, the character is yours! Make up stories, engage with other things, generate your own character related stories, art and NFTs, the possibilities are endless!

Thngverse Resident


Buy $THNG coin

Optionally, patrons can purchase any amount of $THNG coin to become a member

THNG coins are the designated currency of things when interacting with other beings. Those who choose to adopt a thing will also be welcomed by the Thng with a token of their appreciation, issued in $THNG.

THNG can be used to trade with others in the thngverse for art, services, products and more, or saved as an investment in the community.

There were 999 THNG Creator Coin NFTs minted at launch. Every purchase of a thing NFT or any amount of $THNG will receive a THNG Creator Coin NFT. Think of it like your badge for the community. If you sell or burn your badge, so goes with it all of your member benefits. Resale of THNG Creator Coin NFTs are set to pay back to coin-holders at 100%. Purchasers of the resale will be issued $THNG and receive all member benefits.

How to Contribute

Thngverse aims to be a family-friendly community of creative humans looking for a way to use their imaginations and engage with others. The Thngverse is a world-building community based on the the stories and characters (NFTs) shared by THNG on the Decentrialized Social (DESO) network, along with the input of community members.

There are a couple of hashtags that help us navigate around the Thngverse.

  • The #thng hashtag is for the official Thng narrative, where Thing owners can contribute to be included on the website stories page and our main feed.

  • Then there's the #thngverse. In the thngverse all things are possible, the only limits are your imagination. This hashtag can be contributed to by any coin holder to have their stories featured.

Anyone can read or participate in the Thngverse for free, but only THNG Creator Coin NFT holders will have their content reposted and featured on the Stories page. Be sure to review the Rules before posting to the thngverse. This website is a fully moderated environment and will never post content that does not meet our Rules, regardless of member status.

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