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What is Web3?

Web3 (also known as Web 3.0) is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web which incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics. Some technologists and journalists have contrasted it with Web 2.0, wherein they say data and content are centralized in a small group of companies sometimes referred to as "Big Tech". The term "Web3" was coined in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, and the idea gained interest in 2021 from cryptocurrency enthusiasts, large technology companies, and venture capital firms.

Commentators associated with the Open Rights Group argue that Web3 will provide increased data security, scalability, and privacy for users and combat the influence of large technology companies. They also raise concerns about the decentralized web component of Web3, citing the potential for low moderation and the proliferation of harmful content. Some have expressed concerns over the centralization of wealth to a small group of investors and individuals, or a loss of privacy due to more expansive data collection.

DeSo Web3 Apps

Access the DeSo network from any of the following apps:

...and ALWAYS growing

Be very careful when adding extensions to your browser. They can track your keystrokes, and if you copy paste your seed phrase they could be able to save it.

When entering any website that needs you to log in with DeSo, make sure the “Identity” window opens and you do not need to paste your seed phrase anywhere.

FREE Tools (Not Web3)



Art repository, AI generator, image editor all rolled into one. It is free to use, additional features at an added cost.


Design and animate.



AI Voice Generator. Free to use for a time, additional time available for $19 per month or $164 per year.



Grammarly, great writing, simplified. Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly’s new AI-powered desktop app. Free to use.


Write Instant Marketing Copy with the Free AI Copywriting Generator

Generate 50+ types of copy in seconds with the AI Writer. Write unique & plagiarism-free content for blogs, articles, ads, products, websites & social media.


Calculate how long it will take to read your content.



Create amazing videos.

https://www.capcut.com/ (Mobile App)

Create amazing videos on the fly.

Open-AI (Not Web3)

Open-AI is is an AI research and deployment company with a growing list of AI assisted tools. Their mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.


Open-AI’s Alignment research focuses on training AI systems to be helpful, truthful, and safe. Our team is exploring and developing methods to learn from human feedback.

Our long-term goal is to achieve scalable solutions that will align far more capable AI systems of the future — a critical part of our mission.

Open-AI Tools


DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. Free to use, extra credits at an additional cost.


ChatGPT: Optimizing Language Models or Dialogue. Free to use while in development.


We’ve trained and are open-sourcing a neural net called Whisper that approaches human level robustness and accuracy on English speech recognition. Coming soon.

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DESO Cryptocurrency

All transactions completed on the Decentralized Social blockchain require $DESO cryptocurrency. DESO can be purchased and earnings in the platform can be converted back into other currencies, including USD, on major exchanges such as Coinbase.

It is recommended to make your purchases using a third party payment processor such as PayPal or Venmo for an added layer of security, however Coinbase is a reputable exchange that does take debit cards. Once $DESO is purchased, you can transfer it to your DeSo account by sending the funds to your DeSo Public Key.

Never purchase a cryptocurrency that you do not trust. Prices fluctuate dramatically and can even become worthless. Currencies with high utility, such as DESO, are stable currencies that have a lower risk of quickly losing value. If the value does drop, it is more likely to rebound due to many users leveraging the blockchain. Each transaction produces value for the network, which in turn drives up the price.

Never trade coins over messages. The person could have the most realistic story as to why they do not want to use a third party, but never forget, it is them who want the coin and not you.

What is a White Paper?

A white paper is an overview of a project's ambitions that discusses issues on a certain subject, along with their proposed solution for handling them. Review a project's white paper in detail before investing. It should not look like ours, but it should help you understand what we are trying to do nonetheless.


What is a Public Key?

Your Public Key is associated with your DeSo account and cannot be changed. It can be searched on Open Prosper to see all transactions associated with the Public Key and it is designed to be as transparent as possible while keeping the identity of the account holder private. Use your Public Key to transfer funds from external exchanges, make payments for purchases, and receive payment from others.

What is a Seed Phrase?

A seed phrase is a randomly generated cryptographic combination of words that serve as a form password that allows private keys to your cryptocurrency wallet to be created. This seed phrase, sometimes also referred to as a ‘recovery phrase’ or ‘mnemonic phrase’ is the key that allows you to unlock access to your stored cryptocurrency. This phrase can vary in length and is sequentially randomized but must be input in a specific order.

NEVER share your seed phrase with others and once you log into the DeSo network with your seed phrase in a browser, on-click-login is all that is required and you will not need to re-enter your seed phrase.

Never log in on an unfamiliar device, as it is impossible to log out without clearinng all browsing data, cookies, and cached data, which you may not be able to do if you do not own the device.

What are Gas Fees?

Gas fees are the transaction fees that users pay to miners on a blockchain protocol to have their transaction included in the block. The system works on a standard supply and demand mechanism. If there is more demand for transactions, miners can choose to include the transactions that pay more, compelling users to pay more to have their transactions processed quickly and efficiently.

DeSo gas fees are some of the lowest in the crypto market and are virtually free when posting content. Gas fees are always listed in a transaction prior to confirmation when sending $DESO to another user.


Verification is obtained through peer to peer verification and does not always mean the person on the other side will not be a scam.

A lot of scam accounts pretend to be in the process of verification posting texts like: "verifying with twitter". Be mindful and wait for the verification to go through or send them a message on another social media outlet and confirm it is their account.

Is the verified account only reposting from other platforms with no interactions? Not a good sign.

Additional Precautions

There are multiple types of scams regularly advertised in an open market. Let's discuss a few of them and what to look for to prevent falling victim to them. These are also tactics you should avoid when promoting your own brand.

How to avoid a DeSo scam.

Pump and Dump

Pump and dump schemes have two parts. In the first, promoters try to boost the price of a cryptocurrency or stock with false or misleading statements. Once the price has been pumped up, fraudsters move on to the second part, where they seek to profit by selling their own holdings, and with it the price of your holdings.

The purpose of the $THNG creator-coin is to draw attention to how other creators advertise coins, show you how some of the "FOMO" campaigns are run, and help you identify what a pump and dump scheme looks like. We will never "pump and dump" on you. But we will do plenty of "pumping" to show you what that looks like. If a patron falls victim to this we will notify them as soon as possible to ensure their investment was a thoughtful one. If you do choose to invest in us, know that we will always let the network know before we withdraw any funds and it will only be to fund Thngverse ventures and the advancement of our mission: to help creators safely step into web3.

Reciprocal Payments

This can be in the form of tit-for-tat or a promise of returns for the promotion of their brand.

Play-2-Earn / Do-2-Earn

While there are some legitimate games or tasks that offer returns for your participation or engagement, these campaigns are frequently used to scam users into a variety of things, from locking your funds into unnecessary services like coin-lockers, or convincing you to install malicious software such as malware or other viruses.


This may sound woo-woo, but there are people that have mastered the art of deception and manipulation. Be cautious of any news or updates you hear and always double-check your sources and identify multiple confirming sources before investing in someone or using a service. White Papers will be associated with any legitimate projects, and they won't look like ours.

Bots (Bots are automatic programs / robots)

A lot of users are not aware that DeSo, like any platform, is filled with bots. (Bots are automatic programs / robots) Some bots create new accounts every minute by using generic usernames, descriptions and even adding a few posts. They are obviously not worth the investment. Some bots are created to sell the moment someone invests to make small gains. Other bots are there to invest automatically into certain accounts that meet the metrics.

Please take caution as you enter web3. There are many scams, misleading posts and harmful malware that could scrape your desktop or computer for files with sensitive information. Never install software from a source that you do not trust. Apps on DeSo are web apps, run on-chain and do not require installation of additional software. Never enter your Seed Phrase anywhere other than the DeSo Identity screen and only on a trusted device.

You made it! To the bottom of the rabbit hole

Congratulations, you've made it a long way. There is a LOT to learn, but once you do you will be on your way to being a leader in web3 marketing, the truly free market of the creator economy.

@THNG is our social onboarding program for DeSo and is designed to be an interactive, safe and eye-opening experience while you familiarize yourself with decentralized social and web3. Participate in the fun, or follow along for insights into evolving trends and demos of available tools.

@Thngverse is our #writerslift community where we promote works of fiction writing and other mediums from the creator community.

Purchase an NFT on NFTz, a secure NFT marketplace based on the DeSo blockchain, to unlock member benefits such as member only chat, 1:1 counseling, and other resources.

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