$THNG is a creator-coin within DeSo.

If you want to support what we are doing, please follow our accounts, share our posts, and donate to my personal creator-coin @kerningthetruth.

$THNG is a creator-coin based on the DESO protocol and is an investment in THNG (Thngverse). Prices may fluctuate based on the purchases and sales of other coinholders.

If you wish to participate, you do so at your own risk.

The purpose of $THNG coin is to draw attention to how other creators advertise coins and show you how some of the "FOMO" campaigns are run and what a pump and dump schemes looks like. We will never "pump and dump" on you. But we will do plenty of "pumping" to show you what that looks like. If you do choose to invest in us, know that we will always let the network know before we withdraw any funds and it will only be to fund Thngverse ventures.

Pandaroo and the Sage is a cautionary tale about jumping into something before fully understanding it. Take the time to research all projects thoroughly before investing. This advice applies to all creator coins (including THNG) and cryptocurrencies in general. All projects should have a white paper that outlines the details of the project and investor notes.

Open Prosper

Open Prosper can be used to research any account's activity, including posts, earnings, and reputation.

Contact us with any questions you may have and for tips on avoiding potential scams.

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