About the Thngverse

This can be a bit confusing, but the Thng insist we explain. You see these things are Thng from the Thngverse and there are many things living in the Thngverse. Each thing has a name and a story and they look quite unique. But they are all Thngs just the same and together they make up the Thngverse. Thngs do not age, they do not die. Only from time to time will a thing decide to move on to the great beyond.

The Thng are a diverse species of beings from the Thngverse, a universe adjacent to ours in the UJASULU cluster of the 00101101011 dimension. They have started to explore our universe after spending the last parsec exploring our closest dimensional neighbor.

The Thng do not work or have jobs that they must do, they simply travel around the multiverse learning all they can about the many worlds and dimensions that span our existence. The Thng do not speak in words, only thought. If a thing chooses to reveal themselves to you, consider yourself very lucky. We have a long way to go before the Thng can walk openly on Earth, but they are hopeful that the time will be soon. They have decided to begin their visit migration now in anticipation of the great celebration to come. Due to the vibrational calibrations needed to ensure a safe trip to our realm, only one thing will travel here each day, making the migration a long and arduous process.

For now, the Thng have chosen to stay under the radar until more humans have had a chance to become familiar with them. Things have the ability to hide in plain sight by shifting their vibrations slightly to become not-things, invisible to the human eye.

Image: a congress of things sharing a meal.

You may catch a glimpse of some things in a rocky spot having a meal, the only time they must match our vibration and become visible to us. Luckily, concrete is a bit too sandy for most thing's taste. You might find them congregating near a lakeshore, cave, or cliff, but don't be alarmed. Their diet is fully sustainable and produces only polished rocks and sand as a result of their digestive process. The things will eat boulders and oddly shaped rocks, usually in groups of 5 or 6. After about 30 minutes of digestion, the polished rocks and sand are deposited during a celebratory dance.

Image: thing droppings

Occasionally when a thing has been eating rocks that their stomachs haven't had a chance to adjust to yet, the things will produce diamonds! The Thng have decided to reserve their diamonds as gifts for those who choose to adopt them as family during their visit.

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No really, what is Thngverse?

Thngverse is a family-friendly community of creative humans looking for a way to use their imaginations and engage with others. The Thngverse is a world-building community based on the the stories and characters (NFTs) shared by THNG on the Decentrialized Social (DESO) network, along with the input of the community members.

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