Web3 Marketing Support

Launch your personal brand today without delay

Want help getting started with your personal project in web3? 1:1 counseling is available to you right now! If you have gotten this far I am sure you can do it on your own, but if you want a fast track to the details and and overview of the steps you need to take to get into web3, we're here to help.

Your first mission? Purchase a 00101101011 dimension NFT, which doubles as the intro to our parody account that helps teach the dangers of web3 to potential new patrons while lifting up the fiction writing community and content creators. We believe in the future of web3 and the benefits that it has for content creators, but we also know that there are risks to be avoided in an open marketplace like DeSo.

With the purchase of our NFT you will show me that you are committed to learning the DeSo blockchain, willing to invest in yourself by purchasing $DESO, and have your account set up to access the network. You will in turn receive 30 minutes of our counseling via voice chat.

Your second mission? Respond to @THNG via the Diamond App or Desofy messages when contacted regarding the scheduling of your consultation. Sessions are sold on a limited basis and will be flexibly scheduled based on your availability. The initial voice-only session will include:

  • 15 minutes of introductions and discussion of your personal or company goals, answering any questions you have about web3 and the available tools for creators and brands

  • 10 minutes of presentation, overviewing what we can do to help you build your web3 brand and explain the resources that we can create for you

  • 5 minutes to discuss future consulting sessions and resources, billed separately as discussed during our initial session

Your third mission? Schedule follow-up sessions to discuss and implement your plan.

Video will be included for follow-up sessions at the consultant's discretion and you may include one other person with you during each session.

You can share your video or screen with us if you wish so that we can help provide adequate advice on your projects or goals. We will help connect you to a network of consultants, services, and apps that you need to run your web3 business.


Diamond App

Tik Tok

We're built on Google Sites to help demonstrate how cheap and easy it is for anyone to get started!

  1. Register your domain (~$12+ USD per year)

  2. Build your site (free, we can consult on this too)

  3. Buy our THNG Consult NFT (~$5 USD)

  4. Plan your launch (with our help, additional purchase required)

  5. Debut your brand on DeSo (you got this!)

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