Adopt a Thing

Things (with an "i") are looking for places where they will be welcome during their visit. Adopt a thing and proudly display their likeness to help the Thng feel welcome during their stay.

Membership Benefits

One of the Thng

Adopting a thing gets you a rare NFT showcasing a portrait of a unique thing. Things will also have unlockable content, including the thing's name and a story about them. From there, the character is yours! Make up stories, engage with other things, generate your own character related art and NFTs, the possibilities are endless!

Owners of Thing NFTs will have their stories reposted and shared to the Thngverse when they use the hashtag #THNG.

Only 1 Thing NFT will be generated for each character, other art created relating to your thing by THNG will remain CC0 and only 1 of each color Thing (Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple) will be available for sale at any given time. Participation is not a requirement of purchase and has no negative side effects to the project.

NFT Unlockable Content Includes:

A name for your character (that you can use if you want to) and a personalized story related to your character that will help build the metaverse. Publicly available stories reference generic things and only you will know what story belongs to your character's story, which you can build off of if you would like. By request or through your own posts, further character development can be publicly revealed regarding your character.

If you own a thing and tag a post with #THNG or #thngverse, your relevant content will be included in the storyline and shared on the website for patrons to see and other things to engage with.

This will be a safe space for all, welcoming people of all kinds. However, bad vibes are not allowed and will not be included in reposts to the main feeds of our social channels or website. This is a family-friendly environment, so age restricted content and language is not allowed.

Thngverse Resident

To become a Thngverse Resident, all you need to do is purchase any amount of $THNG. Those who choose to adopt a thing will be welcomed by the Thng with a token of their appreciation, issued in $THNG.

Any additional purchase of $THNG is an investment in the community only.

There were 999 THNG Creator Coin NFTs minted at launch. Every purchase of an NFT or any amount of $THNG will receive a THNG Creator Coin NFT. Think of it like your badge for the community. If you sell or burn your badge, so goes with it all of your member benefits. Resale of THNG Creator Coin NFTs are set to pay back to coin-holders at 100%. Purchasers of the resale will be issued $THNG and receive all member benefits listed below.

Web3 Support

We know that navigating the ever changing world of the internet can be challenging. The Thngverse is here for you to experience web3 in fun and family-friendly environment. Participation in the Thngverse is completely free and we will never ask for your personal information. Our goal is to help you avoid scams, identify misleading posts and stay safe in the new web3 universe through engaging storlines, interactive experiences and personalized support.

You will also receive access to a members only chat room where you can chat with other Thng, receive web3 support and get a backstage pass to the development of the official Thng narrative. Discussion rooms can be created to facilitate additional Thnverse storylines and discuss story ideas.


Occasionally when a thing has been eating rocks that their stomachs haven't had a chance to adjust to yet, the things will produce diamonds! The Thng have asked their things to reserve their diamonds as gifts for those who choose to adopt them as family during their visit.

Members will be issued diamonds for posts in the Thngverse. Just add the hashtags #THNG or #thngverse to have your posts added to the Stories feed and receive diamonds.

Series #002 ($1 DESO)

Series #001 ($0.5 DESO) SOLD OUT

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