Welcome to theTHNGVERSE

Thngverse is a family-friendly community of creative writers and artists looking for a way to use their imaginations and engage with others while learning about the web3 environment.

How? 3 easy steps:

1. Join the DeSo social network and follow @THNG

2. Purchase a Thing Character NFT

3. Use your purchase to create some fiction with other users in the Thngverse

We know that navigating the ever-changing world of the internet can be challenging. The Thngverse is here to help users experience web3 in a fun, family-friendly, and low-risk environment. Participation in the Thngverse is completely free and we will never ask for your personal information. Web3 is full of potential wonders and risks alike. Our mission is to help you understand the risks, experiment with the potential and make the most of web3.

🐇 What is web3?

Members will receive access to a members-only chat room where they can chat with other Thngverse members, receive web3 support, and get a backstage pass to the development of the official Thng narrative.

To become a member, purchase one of our Thing NFT's available on NFT Zone. Follow the instructions on the DeSo page to claim your username and get started.

The Thng are curious beings that travel around the multiverse learning all they can about the many worlds and dimensions that span our existence. We have a long way to go before the Thng can walk openly on Earth, but they are hopeful that the time will be soon. They have decided to begin their visiting migration now in anticipation of the great celebration to come. Due to the vibrational calibrations needed to ensure a safe tip to our realm, only one Thng will travel here each day, making the migration a long and arduous process.


Things are character NFTs that can be purchased to participate in the collaborative world-building storyline "The Thng" based on the DeSo blockchain. Participation in the community is a fun way to learn about web3 and experiment with the tools available on the chain.

Purchase a Thing NFT and you'll receive a character sheet as an unlockable item, containing the character's name and a story about the character. From there it is up to your imagination. Character names and stories can be adjusted as you wish.

Read the Welcome to the Thngverse story for an introduction to the Thngverse world.

Green Thing #001

Say hello to Grougu, the first thing of the Thng to step foot in our realm. Grougu was honored to be the first of many and hopes to soon learn our ways, but for now please respect their ignorance. They mean no harm or ill will, but you might find them a bit awkward or intrusive at first.

Grougu is a well respected member of the Thngs and was elected to be first thing because of their kind spirit and friendly nature.

Follow @THNG on Decentralized Social for updates from the Thngverse and to meet new things as they join Grougu in exploring our world. For a fully moderated feed, visit our Thng Circle.

The Thngverse is a family-friendly community and there will never be age-restricted content on our website or social feeds (on web2 or web3), it is important to note that Diamond App and DeSocialWorld are unmoderated communities. An adult should always be present when in an open environment, and we do not recommend minors being subjected to open feeds due to the unpredictable nature of what may appear.


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